Thermodynamic-driven polychromatic quantum dot patterning for light- emitting diodes beyond eye-limiting resolution

TW Nam and M Kim and YM Wang and GY Kim and W Choi and H Lim and KM Song and MJ Choi and DY Jeon and JC Grossman and YS Jung, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 11, 3040 (2020).

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-16865-7

The next-generation wearable near-eye displays inevitably require extremely high pixel density due to significant decrease in the viewing distance. For such denser and smaller pixel arrays, the emissive material must exhibit wider colour gamut so that each of the vast pixels maintains the colour accuracy. Electroluminescent quantum dot light- emitting diodes are promising candidates for such application owing to their highly saturated colour gamuts and other excellent optoelectronic properties. However, previously reported quantum dot patterning technologies have limitations in demonstrating full-colour pixel arrays with sub-micron feature size, high fidelity, and high post-patterning device performance. Here, we show thermodynamic-driven immersion transfer-printing, which enables patterning and printing of quantum dot arrays in omni-resolution scale; quantum dot arrays from single-particle resolution to the entire film can be fabricated on diverse surfaces. Red-green-blue quantum dot arrays with unprecedented resolutions up to 368 pixels per degree is demonstrated.

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