Primary damage of 10 keV Ga PKA in bulk GaN material under different temperatures

H He and CH He and JH Zhang and WL Liao and H Zang and YH Li and WB Liu, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, 52, 1537-1544 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were conducted to investigate the temperature effects on the primary damage in gallium nitride (GaN) material. Five temperatures ranging from 300 K to 900 K were studied for 10 keV Ga primary knock-on atom (PKA) with inject direction of 0001. The results of MD simulations showed that threshold displacement energy (E-d) was affected by temperatures and at higher temperature, it was larger. The evolutions of defects under various temperatures were similar. However, the higher temperature was found to increase the peak number, peak time, final time and recombination efficiency while decreasing the final number. With regard to clusters, isolated point defects and little clusters were common clusters and the fraction of point defects increased with temperature for vacancy clusters, whereas it did not appear in the interstitial clusters. Finally, at each temperature, the number of Ga interstitial atoms was larger than that of N and besides that, there were other different results of specific types of split interstitial atoms. (C) 2019 Korean Nuclear Society, Published by Elsevier Korea LLC.

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