Develop Molecular Dynamics Method to Simulate the Flow and Thermal Domains of H2O/Cu Nanofluid in a Nanochannel Affected by an External Electric Field

A Asgari and Q Nguyen and A Karimipour and QV Bach and M Hekmatifar and R Sabetvand, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMOPHYSICS, 41, 126 (2020).

DOI: 10.1007/s10765-020-02708-6

In this study, molecular dynamics method is used to estimate the atomic manner that effect on H2O/Cu Nanofluid behavior. The Copper Nanochannel with sphere barriers is simulated to study of H2O/Cu Nanofluid flow and the atomic interactions of these structures are described by Embedded Atom Model and Lennard-Jones force fields. For study of atomic behavior of these structures, physical parameters such as temperature, density and velocity profiles of Nanofluid reported. Molecular dynamics simulation results show that these parameters of H2O/Cu Nanofluid inside non-ideal Nanochannel affected by atomic barriers' number and size changes. Numerically, we calculated the density and velocity profiles in Nanochannel with spherical barriers which show these numerical reports can be important for the heat transferring procedure in the industrial applications.

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