The Electric Field and Microchannel Type Effects on H2O/Fe(3)O(4)Nanofluid Boiling Process: Molecular Dynamics Study

KG Dehkordi and A Karimipour and M Afrand and D Toghraie and AHM Isfahani, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMOPHYSICS, 41, 132 (2020).

DOI: 10.1007/s10765-020-02714-8

In this computational research, we study the electric field and microchannel type effects on H2O/Fe(3)O(4)nanofluid dynamical manner. The dynamical characteristics of this atomic structure are calculated using molecular dynamics method and we reported physical parameters such as total temperature, total energy, radial distribution function, velocity, density and temperature profiles of H2O/Fe(3)O(4)nanofluid with 2 spherical nanoparticles. Physically, inserting external electric field causes phase transition (boiling process) in H2O/Fe(3)O(4)nanofluid in shorter simulation time. Further, our results show that magnitude of external electric field is a significant parameter in nanofluid dynamical manner in microchannels. By external electric field magnitude increasing, the highest rate of velocity, temperature and density of nanofluid enhance to 0.0071 angstrom center dot ps(-1), 714 K and 0.038 atom center dot angstrom(-3)rates, numerically. Further, by microchannel atomic type variation from Pt to Au one, the rate of temperature and velocity of nanofluids reach to maximum rate at Au microchannel. So we conclude that phase transition of nanofluid in Au microchannel occurs in shorter MD simulation time.

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