Origins for the anisotropy of the friction forcke of diamond sliding on diamond

HZ Liu and WJ Zong and X Cheng, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 148, 106298 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2020.106298

A theoretical model that integrates the comprehensive effects of surface roughness, plastic deformation, adhesion, material strength and crystal orientation is established to quantitatively calculate the frictional force of diamond sliding on diamond. The effectiveness and accuracy of the model are verified by various nanofrictional experiments using an atomic force microscopy tip and molecular dynamics simulations sliding along the different orientations on the 100 and 110 crystal planes. Moreover, the internal reasons why the frictional force of diamond sliding on diamond is anisotmpic are analyzed to be caused by the amorphous defects, dislocations and von Mises shear strain occurring on the rubbed surface.

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