Insight into the mechanism of low friction and wear during the chemical mechanical polishing process of diamond: A reactive molecular dynamics simulation

S Yuan and XG Guo and JX Huang and YJ Gou and ZJ Jin and RK Kang and DM Guo, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 148, 106308 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2020.106308

Chemical mechanical polishing(CMP) is an important method to achieve ultra-precision machining of diamond. However, the friction mechanism during CMP is not well understood due to a lack of information regarding the interface. Here, reactive molecular dynamics simulation was utilized to elucidate the friction behavior under different pressures and flow fates of polishing slurry. Simulation results indicated that pressure could accelerate the passivation of surface, Pauli repulsion between abrasive and substrate could withstand the applied load and prevent the two surfaces from reaching the C-C interaction range. The number of C atoms removed and the subsurface damage of substrate are the function of flow fate and pressure. This provides a theoretical support for the ultra-precision and low-damage machining of diamond.

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