Multiscale simulation of plasma flows using active learning

A Diaw and K Barros and J Haack and C Junghans and B Keenan and YW Li and D Livescu and N Lubbers and M McKerns and RS Pavel and D Rosenberger and I Sagert and TC Germann, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 102, 023310 (2020).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.023310

Plasma flows encountered in high-energy-density experiments display features that differ from those of equilibrium systems. Nonequilibrium approaches such as kinetic theory (KT) capture many, if not all, of these phenomena. However, KT requires closure information, which can be computed from microscale simulations and communicated to KT. We present a concurrent heterogeneous multiscale approach that couples molecular dynamics (MD) with KT in the limit of near-equilibrium flows. To reduce the cost of gathering information from MD, we use active learning to train neural networks on MD data obtained by randomly sampling a small subset of the parameter space. We apply this method to a plasma interfacial mixing problem relevant to warm dense matter, showing considerable computational gains when compared with the full kinetic-MD approach. We find that our approach enables the probing of Coulomb coupling physics across a broad range of temperatures and densities that are inaccessible with current theoretical models.

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