Universal Effect of Excitation Dispersion on the Heat Capacity and Gapped States in Fluids

NP Kryuchkov and LA Mistryukova and AV Sapelkin and VV Brazhkin and SO Yurchenko, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 125, 125501 (2020).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.125501

The change in dispersion of high-frequency excitations in fluids, from an oscillating solidlike to a monotonic gaslike one, is shown for the first time to affect thermal behavior of heat capacity and the q-gap width in reciprocal space. With in silico study of liquified noble gases, liquid iron, liquid mercury, and model fluids, we established universal bilinear dependence of heat capacity on q-gap width, whereas the crossover precisely corresponds to the change in the excitation spectra. The results open novel prospects for studies of various fluids, from simple to molecular liquids and melts.

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