Molecular dynamics simulation of the phase transition process in the atomic scale for Ar/Cu nanofluid on the platinum plates

M Hekmatifar and D Toghraie and B Mehmandoust and F Aghadavoudi and SA Eftekhari, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS IN HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 117, 104798 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/j.icheatmasstransfer.2020.104798

It is important to study the effects of the nanoparticles on Ar base- fluid thermodynamic manner. The outcomes of the atomic properties calculated by using the molecular dynamics approach and LAMMPS computational package. For the study of Ar/Cu nanofluid atomic properties, we reported physical parameters such as total temperature, potential energy, density, number of Ar atoms at gas phase, heat flux and thermal conductivity of Ar/Cu nanofluid. Physically, Cu nanoparticles cause phase transition in a shorter time rather than base- fluid. So, our results show that the presence of nanoparticles in base- fluid is an essential parameter in a nanofluid thermal manner in confined space. Numerically, by adding Cu nanoparticles to Ar fluid, the rate of base-fluid density increases from 0.00018 number/Angestrom(3) to 0.00019 Number/Angestrom(3). Moreover, the value of thermal conductivity of Ar/Cu nanofluid reaches to 0.016 W/mK. Finally, we concluded that in the confined space thermal manner of Ar/Cu, nanofluid improves with adding Cu nanoparticles to Ar fluid.

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