An approach of peridynamic modeling associated with molecular dynamics for fracture simulation of particle reinforced metal matrix composites

JM Zhan and XH Yao and F Han, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 250, 112613 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2020.112613

A peridynamic (PD) model that involves the interface constitutive relation constructed by molecular dynamics (MD) is proposed to simulate the mechanical properties of the particle reinforced metal matrix composites and reproduce the similar failure mode in the experiments. In our numerical simulation, the constitutive models of PD bond are proposed and employed to simulate the Al-Al and SiC-SiC systems. Then, a MD simulation is carried out to characterize the Al-SiC interface. The predicted results are validated by comparing with the existing researches. After that, a concluded constitutive model of interface bond is applied to PD simulations. The performance of the modified theoretical models is demonstrated by two quasi-static simulations with and without considering the strengthening effects that SiC inclusions have on Al-matrix. Besides, the proposed model is also applied to predict the failure behaviors of the overall composite system successfully. The obtained results indicate that the constructed approach is applicative in investigating both the quasi-static and dynamic problems.

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