Mechanics of 2D Materials-Based Cellular Kirigami Structures: A Computational Study

SH Li and N Liu and M Becton and N Winter and RM Pidaparti and XQ Wang, JOM, 72, 4706-4717 (2020).

DOI: 10.1007/s11837-020-04429-5

We develop a generic coarse-grained potential for a general group of 2D materials to study the mechanical performance of 2D materials-based cellular kirigami structures for understanding of the relation between the mechanical properties and structure pattern as well as the material component. By patterning the structure lattice cell, the mechanical properties of 2D materials-based structures show a very wide range from almost zero to those of the pristine 2D materials by orders of magnitude. Moreover, results indicate that there are two distinct stress-strain stages associated with density, J-shape non-linear and linear elasticity. Results also indicate that hole-in structures show better ductility performance than no-hole structures. In addition, the material effect on mechanical performance of 2D materials-based cellular kirigami is significant, exemplified by the graphene-based structure outperforming those made of other 2D materials. Overall, this study provides a computational basis for designing future kirigami structures with outstanding properties and functions.

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