Failure and Recovery of Droplet Nucleation and Growth on Damaged Nanostructures: A Molecular Dynamics Study

GH Tang and D Niu and L Guo and JL Xu, LANGMUIR, 36, 13716-13724 (2020).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.0c02809

The condensate flooding during dropwise condensation causes serious deterioration in heat transfer performance. In this study, the three- dimensional large-scale molecular dynamics simulation is carried out to investigate the droplet state transition from local flooding mode to Wenzel or from Wenzel to Cassie due to the droplet coalescence under the effect of nanostructure size. In particular, the effect of nanostructure breakage on droplet nucleation and growth is discussed to reveal the mechanism of dropwise condensation heat transfer deterioration. As a potential solution, the lubricant-impregnated surface is proposed to recover the preferred Cassie state by regulating the dynamic wetting characteristics of droplets, and thus the detrimental effect of nanostructure breakage could be effectively avoided.

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