Surface generation mechanism of monocrystalline materials under arbitrary crystal orientations in nanoscale cutting

H Liu and YB Guo and PY Zhao, MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS, 25, 101505 (2020).

DOI: 10.1016/j.mtcomm.2020.101505

Crystal orientation of monocrystalline materials has a significant and complex effect on the surface generation process in nano-fabrication. Based on the slip system theory, a theoretical model is proposed to analyze the surface generation mechanism of monocrystalline materials with arbitrary crystal orientations in nano-cutting, including material pile-up, defect evolution and atomic stress distribution. To verify the correctness of the model, a series of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of nano-cutting are performed at various crystal orientations. Simulation results show that the Miller indices of the workpiece surface and cutting direction determine the shape of the material pile-up and the propagating direction of the defects, and the tool width and uncut chip thickness determine the range of pile-up and subsurface defects. The theoretical model contributes to a better understanding of the nano-machining process of monocrystalline materials and obtaining high machined surface quality.

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