Correlation between complexity and mechanical recovery of metallic nanoarchitecture structures

H Ke and J Ma and I Mastorakos, MRS COMMUNICATIONS, 11, 510-516 (2021).

DOI: 10.1557/s43579-021-00065-5

We investigated the effect of complexity on the mechanical behavior and recovery of metallic nanoarchitecture structures. We studied four different suggested geometries with various levels of complexity using molecular dynamics simulations. The structures exhibited multiple degrees of self-recovery under compressive loading conditions at three temperatures, 300 K, 400 K, and 500 K. A methodology to qualitatively measure the geometric complexity was used. The results revealed correlations between the complexity of the structures and their recovery ability and strength, and the geometric cell size and temperature. These findings can guide the design of novel nanoarchitecture geometries for specific applications with tailored properties.

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