Fast Surface Dynamics on a Metallic Glass Nanowire

D Chatterjee and A Annamareddy and J Ketkaew and J Schroers and D Morgan and PM Voyles, ACS NANO, 15, 11309-11316 (2021).

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c00500

The dynamics near the surface of glasses can be much faster than in the bulk. We studied the surface dynamics of a Pt-based metallic glass using electron correlation microscopy with sub-nanometer resolution. Our studies show an similar to 20 K suppression of the glass transition temperature at the surface. The enhancement in surface dynamics is suppressed by coating the metallic glass with a thin layer of amorphous carbon. Parallel molecular dynamics simulations on Ni80P20 show a similar temperature suppression of the surface glass transition temperature and that the enhanced surface dynamics are arrested by a capping layer that chemically binds to the glass surface. Mobility in the near-surface region occurs via atomic caging and hopping, with a strong correlation between slow dynamics and high cage-breaking barriers and stringlike cooperative motion. Surface and bulk dynamics collapse together as a function of temperature rescaled by their respective glass transition temperatures.

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