The strategy of repairing defective graphene by graphene patch via interlayer cross-linking

YF Zhao and F Wu and Y Zhao and XD He and C Sui and C Wang and HF Tan, COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 197, 110645 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2021.110645

The existence of defects such as intrinsic cracks and holes will greatly weaken the excellent mechanical behaviors of graphene sheets. In order to improve the mechanical properties of defective graphene (DG), this paper reports a novel nano-repair strategy that the interlayer cross- linkings are regarded as glue to bond defect-free graphene patch on DG. A systematic computational study on tensile strength of the repaired graphene (RG) has been performed using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. It was found that, the optimal repair efficiency can reach 1.87. Furthermore, the shape of patch plays an important role on repair efficiency as well. This paper proves the repairability of the tensile strength of graphene with hole defects, and innovatively proposes the strengthening method of DG to optimize mechanical properties.

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