A Study of the Effects of Graphene Nanosheets on the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluid (Argon-Graphene) Using Reverse Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Method

H Loulijat and H Moustabchir, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMOPHYSICS, 42, 125 (2021).

DOI: 10.1007/s10765-021-02877-y

In this study, the reverse nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (RNEMD) method is applied to compute the thermal conductivity of nanofluid (argon-graphene) and to examine the effects of volume fraction and size of graphene nanosheets on thermal conductivity enhancement by varying the concentration graphene in liquid argon and the graphene nanosheets area, respectively. Furthermore, the thermal conductivities predicted by RNEMD method are compared with those of nanofluid (argon-metal). The results have revealed a strong dependence on volume fraction and enhanced thermal conductivity of nanofluid, in which the thermal conductivity increases when the graphene volume fraction increases. Furthermore, the results have displayed that the size of nanosheet has no significant effect on thermal conductivity enhancement of nanofluid at a low graphene nanosheet size. Additionally, it has been found that the thermal conductivity values of nanofluid (argon-graphene) are slightly higher compared to those of suspension of metallic nanoparticles in liquid argon.

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