AENET-LAMMPS and AENET-TINKER: Interfaces for accurate and efficient molecular dynamics simulations with machine learning potentials

MS Chen and T Morawietz and H Mori and TE Markland and N Artrith, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 155, 074801 (2021).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0063880

Machine-learning potentials (MLPs) trained on data from quantum- mechanics based first-principles methods can approach the accuracy of the reference method at a fraction of the computational cost. To facilitate efficient MLP-based molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, an integration of the MLPs with sampling software is needed. Here, we develop two interfaces that link the atomic energy network (AE net) MLP package with the popular sampling packages TINKER and LAMMPS. The three packages, AE net, TINKER, and LAMMPS, are free and open-source software that enable, in combination, accurate simulations of large and complex systems with low computational cost that scales linearly with the number of atoms. Scaling tests show that the parallel efficiency of the AE net-TINKER interface is nearly optimal but is limited to shared-memory systems. The AE net-LAMMPS interface achieves excellent parallel efficiency on highly parallel distributed-memory systems and benefits from the highly optimized neighbor list implemented in LAMMPS. We demonstrate the utility of the two MLP interfaces for two relevant example applications: the investigation of diffusion phenomena in liquid water and the equilibration of nanostructured amorphous battery materials.

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