A Model Electron Transfer Reaction in Confined Aqueous Solution

JF Olivieri and D Laage and JT Hynes, CHEMPHYSCHEM, 22, 2247-2255 (2021).

DOI: 10.1002/cphc.202100351

Liquid water confined within nanometer-sized channels exhibits a strongly reduced local dielectric constant perpendicular to the wall, especially at the interface, and this has been suggested to induce faster electron transfer kinetics at the interface than in the bulk. We study a model electron transfer reaction in aqueous solution confined between graphene sheets with classical molecular dynamics. We show that the solvent reorganization energy is reduced at the interface compared to the bulk, which explains the larger rate constant. However, this facilitated solvent reorganization is due to the partial desolvation by the graphene sheet of the ions involved in the electron transfer and not to a local dielectric constant reduction effect.

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