Machine Learning Self-Diffusion Prediction for Lennard-Jones Fluids in Pores

CJ Leverant and JA Harvey and TM Alam and JA Greathouse, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 125, 25898-25906 (2021).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.1c08297

Predicting the diffusion coefficient of fluids under nanoconfinement is important for many applications including the extraction of shale gas from kerogen and product turnover in porous catalysts. Due to the large number of important variables, including pore shape and size, fluid temperature and density, and the fluid-wall interaction strength, simulating diffusion coefficients using molecular dynamics (MD) in a systematic study could prove to be prohibitively expensive. Here, we use machine learning models trained on a subset of MD data to predict the self-diffusion coefficients of Lennard-Jones fluids in pores. Our MD data set contains 2280 simulations of ideal slit pore, cylindrical pore, and hexagonal pore geometries. We use the forward feature selection method to determine the most useful features (i.e., descriptors) for developing an artificial neutral network (ANN) model with an emphasis on easily acquired features. Our model shows good predictive ability with a coefficient of determination (i.e., R2) of -,0.99 and a mean squared error of -,2.9 x 10-5. Finally, we propose an alteration to our feature set that will allow the ANN model to be applied to nonideal pore geometries.

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