Bringing discrete-time Langevin splitting methods into agreement with thermodynamics

J Finkelstein and CH Cheng and G Fiorin and B Seibold and N Gronbech- Jensen, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 155, 184104 (2021).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0066008

In light of the recently published complete set of statistically correct Gronbech-Jensen (GJ) methods for discrete-time thermodynamics, we revise a differential operator splitting method for the Langevin equation in order to comply with the basic GJ thermodynamic sampling features, namely, the Boltzmann distribution and Einstein diffusion, in linear systems. This revision, which is based on the introduction of time scaling along with flexibility of a discrete-time velocity attenuation parameter, provides a direct link between the ABO splitting formalism and the GJ methods. This link brings about the conclusion that any GJ method has at least weak second order accuracy in the applied time step. It further helps identify a novel half-step velocity, which simultaneously produces both correct kinetic statistics and correct transport measures for any of the statistically sound GJ methods. Explicit algorithmic expressions are given for the integration of the new half-step velocity into the GJ set of methods. Numerical simulations, including quantum-based molecular dynamics (QMD) using the QMD suite Los Alamos Transferable Tight-Binding for Energetics, highlight the discussed properties of the algorithms as well as exhibit the direct application of robust, time-step-independent stochastic integrators to QMD.

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