The study of water wettability on solid surfaces by molecular dynamics simulation

YH Yu and XW Xu and JP Liu and YH Liu and WH Cai and JX Chen, SURFACE SCIENCE, 714, 121916 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2021.121916

The wetting of nanodroplets on solid surfaces was studied by molecular dynamics simulations. Through investigation of the contact angle of nanodroplets with different sizes, a relatively stable and accurate contact angle was obtained for a droplet radius of larger than 43 angstrom (1 angstrom =10(-10) m). The contact angles for droplets at different levels of solid-liquid forces were quantitatively evaluated. The results show that there is an excellent linear correlation between them in the angle range of 28 degrees to 167 degrees. Under a strong solid-liquid force, thin liquid film expansion in the three-phase line was found in nanometer-level simulations. The thin film spreading range increased with increasing solid-liquid force.

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