Fabrication of three-dimensional sin-shaped ripples using a multi-tip diamond tool based on the force modulation approach

YZ Wang and PF Fan and XC Luo and YQ Geng and S Goel and W Wu and G Li and YD Yan, JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, 72, 262-273 (2021).

DOI: 10.1016/j.jmapro.2021.10.032

A novel cutting strategy of machining microstructure surface with the multi-tip diamond tool based on the force modulation approach is proposed in this paper. The multi-tip diamond tool with periodic sinusoidal microstructures was prepared by focused ion beam technique. The influence of applied cutting forces on the depths of cut and material removal states was investigated experimentally. MD simulations revealed a significant phenomenon of no material side flow when using the multi-tip diamond tool cutting on single crystal copper substrate. The movement of stacking faults, Lomer-Cottrell locks and Hirth locks jointly governed the formation mechanism of machined surface. To demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of this proposed cutting strategy, the fabrication of periodic sinusoidal microstructures under constant forces was successfully realized on the microsphere surface. Furthermore, three-dimensional sin-shaped ripples required variable forces controlling were achieved with high-precision surface quality. The cross-sectional topography of obtained ripples matched the geometry of used MTD tool quite well. In particular, the processing parameters, including the time period of loading forces and cutting speeds, determine the expected wavelength of ripples and play a central role in the surface machining accuracy.

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