Effect of laser-induced ultrasound treatment on material structure in laser surface treatment for selective laser melting applications

IA Ivanov and VS Dub and AA Karabutov and EB Cherepetskaya and AS Bychkov and IA Kudinov and AA Gapeev and MD Krivilyov and NN Simakov and SA Gruzd and SL Lomaev and VV Dremov and PV Chirkov and RM Kichigin and AV Karavaev and MY Anufriev and KE Kuper, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 11, 23501 (2021).

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-02895-8

A new mechanism for controlling the microstructure of products in manufacturing processes based on selective laser melting is proposed. The mechanism relies on generation of high-intensity ultrasonic waves in the melt pool by complex intensity-modulated laser irradiation. The experimental study and numerical modeling suggest that this control mechanism is technically feasible and can be effectively integrated into the design of modern selective laser melting machines.

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