Temperature-dependent thermal transport of single molecular junctions from semiclassical Langevin molecular dynamics

G Li and BZ Hu and N Yang and JT Lu, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 104, 245413 (2021).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.104.245413

Thermal conductance of single molecular junctions at room temperature has been measured recently using picowatt-resolution scanning probes. However, fully understanding thermal transport in a much wider temperature range is needed for the exploration of energy transfer at single-molecular limit and the development of single-molecular devices. Here, employing a semiclassical Langevin molecular dynamics method, a comparative study is performed on the thermal transport of an alkane chain between Au and graphene electrodes, respectively. We illustrate the different roles of quantum statistics and anharmonic interaction in the two types of junctions. For a graphene junction, quantum statistics is essential at room temperature, while the anharmonic interaction is negligible. For a Au junction, it is the other way. Our study paves the way for theoretically understanding thermal transport of realistic single-molecular junctions in the full temperature range by including both quantum statistics and anharmonic interaction within one theoretical framework.

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