Atomistic study of nanoprecipitates influence on plasticity and fracture of crystalline metals

V. V. Stegailov, A. Yu. Kuksin, G. E. Norman, and A. V. Yanilkin, AIP Conf Proc "Shock Compression of Condensed Matter - 2007", 955, 339-342 (2007).

The molecular dynamics simulation is applied to study the influence of nanoprecipitates on the microscopic mechanisms of the spall fracture initiation and corresponding plastic deformation. The systems under study are single crystals doped with nanoclusters of another metal. The calculation results for the Cu-Al system is presented. Three models are considered: the triaxial uniform expansion, the shock wave propagation and the reflection of release wave in the impactor-target model and the model of an edge dislocation interaction with a nanocluster. Different characteristic consequences of the nanoprecipitate presence on material response are analyzed.

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