Formation of Fivefold Deformation Twins in Nanocrystalline Face-Centered-Cubic Copper Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulations

A. J. Cao and Y. G. Wei, Applied Physics Lett, 89, 041919 (2006).

Fivefold deformation twins were reported recently to be observed in the experiment of the nanocrystalline face-centered-cubic metals and alloys. However, they were not predicted previously based on the molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and the reason was thought to be a uniaxial tension considered in the simulations. In the present investigation, through introducing pretwins in grain regions, using the MD simulations, the authors predict out the fivefold deformation twins in the grain regions of the nanocrystal grain cell, which undergoes a uniaxial tension. It is shown in their simulation results that series of Shockley partial dislocations emitted from grain boundaries provide sequential twining mechanism, which results in fivefold deformation twins.

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