LAMMPS website

Contributing to LAMMPS

In the spirit of an open-source code, these are various ways you can contribute to making LAMMPS better. You can send email on any of these items to the developers.

  • LAMMPS is designed to be easy to extend with new code for features like potentials, boundary conditions, diagnostic computations, etc. The Modify doc pages give details. If you add a feature of general interest, it can be added to the main LAMMPS distribution. See the Modify contribute doc page for info on how to submit your new file(s) to the LAMMPS developers. The preferred way to do this is via GitHub; see this tutorial for instructions on how to submit new features or fixes that way.
  • If you find a bug, the Errors bugs doc page explains how to report it.
  • If you find an error or omission in the LAMMPS documentation or on the LAMMPS website, or have a suggestion or content for something to clarify or include, send an email to the developers.
  • If you publish a paper using LAMMPS results with cool pictures or movies, you can send them to add to the Pictures or Movies pages of the LAMMPS website, with links and attributions back to you.
  • The tools sub-directory of the LAMMPS distribution has various stand-alone codes for pre- and post-processing of LAMMPS data. More details are given on the Tools doc page. If you write a new tool that users will find useful, it can be added to the LAMMPS distribution.
  • Cash. Small denominations, unmarked bills preferred. Leave in paper sack on developers's desks. VISA also accepted. Chocolate chip cookies encouraged.